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"Simplicity is a statement so powerful that it could triumph art for generations."

Why me

Trust me

Pitch@Palace 11.0 Finalist, United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network member and The Women’s Engineering Society Delegate.

Research Methods I use

to transform customer experience for leading brands, startups and corporates

Design Methods I use

to transform customer experience for leading brands, startups and corporates

Tools I use

Always updated with the latest technology


It’s never been easier to get in touch with someone at any point. Distances have narrowed down to digital spaces and booking a call/meetup is just a click away. Let me know what you’re looking for and I would solve all your design challenges. I would love to meet you. To start with, how about scheduling a Skype call?


Just in case you were wondering how we impact the world, here is a short video of UX designers from Google. Enjoy!


It has never been easier to find the best person for the job! You've just found a Design Unicorn 😄

Lehar has been taking up challenging projects with ease. She is young and talented and would be an amazing asset to any organisation. Her design sense is spot on to what our customers are looking for.
Andrew Shepperd
Director at Entrepreneurs Hub Limited
Lehar's portfolio speaks volumes about her experience. She approaches problems with design thinking and come up with cost-effective solutions. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.
Sheetal Yadav
Manager at The Boston Consulting Group
Apart from being a talented designer, she is a great person. You could instantly connect with her and she is able to communicate her point across with ease. I look for empathy and I feel she has every bit of it.
Kunal Anand
Assistant Manager at KPMG
I have been mentoring Lehar for quite some time and she has a very strong aesthetic sense. She is a quick learner and skilled in various design tools.
Dan Collison
Lead UX/UI Designer at HomeServe
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