Pfizer needed to develop websites for each of its US brands. These were developed by a team of UX designers and developers via Graphite Digital Agency, leaders for digital customer experience for Health and Pharma. I was a Sr. UX Designer in that group, specialising in Pfizer design systems and developing its US brand sites.  Our research, design, and development would eventually be published as Pfizer’s brand websites. Pfizer has been integral in providing vaccines against Covid-19 during the Pandemic.


The UX team structure was a hub and spoke style, where designers were assigned to specific product teams. I was assigned to developing designs for Pfizer’s US Brands websites. There were more than 300 brands that needed a digital presence. Each website had strict guidelines and design systems to be followed. Also, these brands had medical regulations and superscripts that needed to specified throughout the website. The challenges in my product teams were to quickly deliver these websites with consistency and regulated guidelines. 


Even though each designer was autonomous within their respective product teams, we had dedicated UX team scrum calls and review sessions.  At the beginning of each sprint, I would enter my tasks in JIRA with an estimated completion time.  We reviewed the progress during the morning scrum calls.  In addition to the calls, the team would schedule review sessions where we could share our projects and provide feedback for others.


After each JIRA task was completed and reviewed by the team, I worked on the UI elements for styling. Once implemented, the UX team would circle back and review the functionality and accessibility.

The output of Pfizer US brand’s websites was consistent considering the time constraint delivery. We were designing re-usable elements that could come together in multiple arrangements. The approach was successful, as it created a solid foundation for being able to deliver a responsive Pfizer brand website that could operate on all devices.